Control / Selection

The control/selection services conducted by Negotrust’s employees is an effective, cheap, and efficient method of decreasing the amount of faulty components, as well as decreasing the number of complaints made by producers and deliverers.

The service consists of examining the parts from a quantity, quality and visual feature point of view. In connection to the kind of order and information included in a manual, our company’s employees check the component looking at e.g. aesthetic defects, deformations, heads of materials and other discrepancies between the component and its technical project. wyrobu.

While carrying out the task, components are segregated adequately in bulk containers labeled as OK parts, which mean parts which meet all quality requirements, and as NOK parts, which are incompatible with the criterions included in the control manuals. Appropriate post-inspection labels are used in order to mark bulk containers containing OK and NOK parts. On these cards is included information with the component’s number, quantity, inspection’s date, as well as the signature of the inspector who has conducted the inspection

After completing the task a Negotrust employee prepares “a final report” which includes detailed quantity information as well as defectiveness of components. The report is placed in an on-line reporting system which is available 24 hours a day.The on-line reporting system is an innovative solution in communication between Negotrust, deliverers and customers.

Protection of a final product

The next very important service rendered by the Negotrust company is the protection of the final products. The company’s experience in that field has been appreciated by many delighted customers.

The service is an effective alternative to investigations which are conducted by plants’ employees. It influences the improvement in the quality of offered products in a very significant way. Moreover, it allows for the minimization of unnecessary costs which are connected with final addressee’s complaints.

Unquestionably, the company’s reputation, profits and long-term co-operation with customers depend on the quality of delivered products or components. That is why the external company’s help is very often necessary in order to provide the proper quality of the product.

Resident Engineering

The Negotrust company provides the service of monitoring and controlling the parts and components at a customer’s location, by the means of deployment of a high rank specialist in order to maintain permanent and the highest quality of products, as well as to solve recent quality problems.

The key tasks include:

  • sorting;
  • repairing components, according to company’s quality policy,
  • as well as supporting a productive process and not causing negative influences on planned productive tasks.

Such an attitude by Negotrust towards Resident Engineering service is possible thanks to experience in a field of suitable communication between a deliverer and a producer or a factory.

Sub-assembly / Production

Negotrust specializes in temporary work services- PWS (Production Work Service) in the field of sub-assembly/production in enterprises where it is responsible for the quality supervision.

High-qualified staff, gained an advantage thanks to a detailed selection in relation to an enterprise’s activity, guarantees constant quality and continuity of productive process. Thanks to this, the Negotrust company assures permanence and solicitude for the production area, which has been entrusted as one of the production processes in order to minimize the costs associated with maintaining current production standards.

The sub-assembly/production conducted by Negotrust uses the customer’s devices and machines. Thanks to this practice, there is no rearmament cost of machines, or the changes of configuration of machinery. Such outsourcing allows for the lack of interference in coverage enterprise.


The rework of components, subassembly or ready products is one of very significant services rendered by Negotrust. Restoring required features of components or parts is often the one possible solution.

The service is rendered at customer’s place, in a location where the problem arises. That assures saving producer’s time as well as minimizing unnecessary costs.

The Negotrust company is obliged to conduct the repair in the most appropriate way. Moreover, the repaired elements are immediately added to the production process.