New quality of standardization of services and products for your business.

Our company specializes in rendering high quality services for our customers – renowned Polish and international companies.

Where product quality is not accidental, our company assures customers with security, reliability, and services at the highest quality level.

The Negotrust team consists of experienced, ambitious and young people who fulfill aims, and for whom the tasks, which they have to face, are not only an inspiration for further activities but also a starting point to new unique solutions. Our company currently employs over 1000 people, who are delegated to work with its customers using a complex structure of 10 offices operating on Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany territory.

Quality + cost reduction is a new quality of service standards for us.

The inspiration of establishing the Negotrust company was the will to create new quality standards of business, institutional as well as individual consumer services in the most significant areas concerning productive activity such as: quality, reduction of costs or supporting investments.The essence of Negotrust’s activity is a professional service in an area of selection, control, repair of components as well as protection of ready products.