Quality is a necessary factor for functioning on the market. Negotrust has an extremely complex nature of interaction between the final producer and supplier, and it requires meeting stringent requirements related to the quality of services provided by our company.

Certyfikaty Negotrust

Negotrust Company wishing to meet the expectations of its customers, from the very beginning of its activities has built its structures as well as the standards of labor according  to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2009.Through hard work and diligence in the operations, on 09.03.2010 the company has received ISO 9001:2009 certification, thereby confirming the highest quality services. Together with its development, Negotrust Company not only maintains invariable high quality, but also introduces improvements which are presented through successful control audits.

ISO 9001: 2015

Training and development of employees

One of the most significant elements, on which Negotrust puts great emphasis, is a continuous  process of training staff. Together with the employment of an employee, a training card  is assigned, which allows on a suitable planning the process of bench as well as product training and also indicates the number of internal audits undertaken confirming the acquired knowledge into practice. Through such policy of educating the employees as well as through the identification of their abilities, Negotrust’s staff are delegated to tasks which take full advantage of their predispositions and the level of skills. Working in Negotrust is not only an opportunity for professional development, but also a solid foundation to build your career path. In times of crisis in the labor market, the opportunity to learn a multinational culture of work becomes undeniable advantage, and often the tender coin in dealing with candidates in the recruitment process.

  • We never say that something is impossible to achieve. We always make an effort to find a better solution;
  • Our inspectors are experienced and oriented to quality;
  • Our flexibility means availability 24 hours, 7 days in a week;
  • We support the inspection process with investment knowledge;
  • Respect is the priority aspect;
  • Everything what we do is characterized by honesty and is lawful