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Who we are?

TUV NORD Negotrust is a team of experienced and ambitious young people who fulfill their objectivesand for whom facing the tasks is not only an inspiration for further actions but also a startingpoint to create new and unique solutions.

Thanks to such an outlined approach after withina year we managed to develop

a functional structure, increase the portfolio of customers, aswell as to broaden the scope of our activities on an interactive shop selling measuring tools.

What we strive for?

The main aim of Negotrust Company is the desire to create a new quality of service standards,for both business and institutional clients as well as for individuals in the most neuralgic areasof leading production activities such as quality, the reduction of costs and optimization ofquality management.

We want a complete satisfaction with our services to be a solid basisfor a long-term cooperation, as well as we would like to offer further service packages whichhave been optimized to the particular client’s needs and which accurately fill the output gapbetween price and constant customer satisfaction.

How we work and our policy?

The objective of Negotrust’s activity is to provide professional delivery of services in the fieldof selection, control, component repair as well as the protection of the finished product. Ourspecialty is providing high quality services to our customers - renowned Polish and foreigncompanies.

Working in an international environment, enabled us to shape the appropriatemechanisms and regulations, so wherever the product quality is not random, our companyprovides its customers with safe, reliable and high quality service.



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